Drill of the Month: August 2023

DRILL OF THE MONTH: Skating – Warm Up #7 – Crossover Progression

Age Groups 

  • Under-11 to U18 

Skill Description 

  1. Players line up in two lines on the hashmarks.
  2. Both lines go at the same time, skating down the middle of the ice to the far end and then returning to the back of the line by following the boards.
  3. Perform each skating skill as shown in the video:
  • C-cut to crossunder 
  • Quick alternating crossovers 
  • Quick crossovers (two each side) 
  • Crossover to glide 
  • Crossover with strides 

Key Teaching Points 

  • Technique is important in warm-up to give players lots of repetition on technical aspects of skating.

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