Drill of the Month: March 2024

DRILL OF THE MONTH: Forwards – Puck Protection (Vision Sequence) 

Age Groups 

  • Under-15, U18 

Skill Description – First Progression 

  • Players are placed into groups of two (2). 
  • Player 1 is two stick lengths away from their partner. 
  • One player turns and protects puck from partner. 
  • Non-protecting player shows a number shows a number on their hand and moves in a circular motion around puck protector. 
  • Protecting player must keep back side to partner and shoulder check for changing numbers on hand held up in the air by partner. 
  • Protector calls out number as partner moves around. 

Skill Description – Second Progression 

  • Players are now placed into a group of three (3). 
  • Execute same puck protection sequence as above on and off coach’s whistle. 
  • New player to the group adds stress to situation and hinders the protector’s use of vision and ease of protecting puck. 

Skill Description – Third Progression 

  • Players remain in their group of three (3). 
  • The player who is doing the number calling is now a passing outlet 
  • The puck protector has to see the pass before making it to the player on the outside. 
  • The defending player inside provides light pressure/resistance.  

Key Teaching Points 

  • Getting into the habit of shoulder checking and keeping head up. 
  • Protecting puck from defender, while also scanning for a play to make. 
  • Passing and receiving pucks while under pressure. 

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