GTHL launches Strategic Plan to begin in 2021-22 season through to 2023-24 campaign

The Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL) announced today the launch of its Strategic Plan beginning in the 2021-22 season through to the 2023-24 campaign.  

The Strategic Plan, adopted by the GTHL Board of Directors in May 2021, faces the League’s challenges head on with four key pillars. These challenges were highlighted by the GTHL’s Transition Game Summit held in November 2019 where improvements in diversity, inclusion, equity and the overall culture of hockey were brought to the forefront. The Strategic Plan pillars include:  

  • The Game: Make hockey child centric in the GTHL 
  • The Community: Engage the community to provide a re-imagined game that reflects the traditions and cultures of the GTA  
  • The Organizations: The organization reflects its community, and the community reflects the organization  
  • Stewardship: How we will retain and advance the athlete, family and volunteer  

The pillars, founded on progressive values of Diversity, Community, and Inclusion, Fun, Innovation and Excellence, and Developing as a Person, were developed through a specific commitment to:  

  • You feel welcome when you walk into a GTHL rink.  
  • You smile when you walk into the dressing room.  
  • You grow every time you put on your skates. 
  • You learn what you do off the ice is as important as what you do on the ice.  

“After 18 months of important discussions and over 5500 hours of individual volunteer meeting hours, the GTHL is proud to launch our Strategic Plan, delivering the Transition Game, this season,” Scott Oakman, Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer of the GTHL, said. “As we progress together on this new road of practical solutions and real change around sport culture and inclusiveness, the GTHL as a whole will strive to guide and engage the community throughout the Greater Toronto Area toward our mission of promoting positive culture, making youth hockey fun, safe, and fair while giving our participants opportunities to grow as people.” 

As the 2021-22 season approaches, the GTHL will guide and engage players, families, and volunteers through the Strategic Plan and its pillars, welcoming a new hockey season with a roadmap to the future.  

About the Greater Toronto Hockey League  

Founded in 1911, the GTHL is a non-profit organization and the largest minor hockey league in the world. The GTHL registers more than 40,000 annual participants in Mississauga, Toronto, Markham, and Vaughan.

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