You Can Play: Inclusion Basics

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Try these steps to make hockey more welcoming and inclusive

1) Small steps make a significant change.
Small symbols and signals make a big difference to someone struggling and wondering if hockey is the right sport for them. A pin on your hockey bag, a t-shirt, or a social media post can make a significant impact in supporting a community.

2) Language Matters!
Homophobic, transphobic language, and bullying is the number one reason 2SLGBTQ+ individuals leave sports. Think about what you say on and off the ice. If you question whether a word or phrase is appropriate, Don’t Use It.

3) Supportive social media
Be careful which social posts you like, comment on, and post yourself. People are watching, and everything is public. Supportive posts and shares are a great way to welcome people into hockey and know they are safe.

4) A Friend and an Ally
Becoming a vocal supporter of inclusion is a significant step to take in your sporting career. We can help you find opportunities to speak and support; contact You Can Play today!

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