Champions History

Lists of recent winners for the following events are available by clicking the links below:

Until the formation of the Toronto Hockey League (THL) in 1911, minor hockey in what is now the Greater Toronto Area was a loosely organized affair without a governing body. Any team competition consisted of exhibitions scheduled between neighbouring schools or church groups of the time.

When the THL began, the focus was only on older players. The inaugural season in 1911-12 saw competition only in the Junior division, with the Senior and Juvenile age groups added the following year. Midget was added for the 1915-16 season followed by Bantam (1920-21), Minor Bantam (1930-31), Minor Midget (1936-37), Peewee (1943-44), Atom (1951-52), Minor Atom (1955-56) and Minor Peewee (1974-75).

The first THL champions and age groups were:
Junior (1911-12) – Beaches Methodist
Senior (1912-13) – Balmy Beach Club
Juvenile (1912-13) – St. Matthews
Midget (1915-16) – St. Mary`s
Bantam (1920-21) – Bellefairs HC
Minor Bantam (1930-31) – St. Joseph`s
Minor Midget (1936-37) – Upper Canada College
Peewee (1943-44) – Etobicoke AC
Atom (1951-52) – Rocky River Construction
Minor Atom (1955-56) – Wexford HC
Minor Peewee (1974-75) – Mississauga Reps

In 1972, the THL became the Metro Toronto Hockey League (MTHL) and in 1999, adopted its now familiar Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL) title.

Recent winners are listed further up the page

Minor Atom (1955-Present)
Atom (1951-Present)
Minor Peewee (1974-Present)
Peewee (1943-Present)
Minor Bantam (1930-Present)
Bantam (1920-Present)
Minor Midget (1936-Present)
Midget (1915-Present)
Midget Jr. (2010-Present)
Juvenile/Under-21 AAA (1912-Present)

Bank Series Men (1927-1938, 1967-1969)
Intermediate A (1925-1980)
Intermediate B (1913-1970)
Junior A (1911-1973)
Junior B (1949-1956, 1970-71)
Ladies Series (1921-1940)
Major Commercial (1925-1956)
Minor Juvenile (1953-1966)
Photo Engravers Series (1936-1940)
Senior Commercial Major B (1925-1943)
Senior Series Men (1912-1966)
Tyke (1958-1973)