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Weekly Releases

Week 14 (January 8-January 14): The GTHL schedule grows by 428 games. 75 or so teams using an exemption for tournament travel. *Posted November 22*

Week 13 (January 2-January 7): The calendar flips to 2024 and teams return to action after a week off to enjoy the winter holidays. Another short week with 349 total games on the GTHL regular season schedule. *Posted November 15*

Week 12 (December 18-December 23): A short week gives us a 344 game slate this week as teams get to enjoy a well deserved week off for Winter Break. League games will resume on January 2nd. *Posted November 8*

Week 11 (December 11-December 17): The 465 games scheduled this week is highlighted with a U16/U18 AAA showcase taking place throughout the weekend at Westwood and Chesswood. *Posted November 2*

Week 10 (December 4-December 10): A total of 419 games scheduled this week. The weekend is highlighted by the Vaughan Kings Classic tournament, taking place at Chesswood and Scotiabank Pond. *Posted October 25*

Week 9 (November 27-December 3): The first weekend of December is a busy one with tournaments including the Silver Stick in Vaughan, as well as the Paul Coffey tournament in Etobicoke and Mississauga. As far as GTHL league games go, a typical slate of 420 total games are scheduled for this week. *Posted October 19*

Week 8 (November 20-November 26): This weekend is highlighted by a few big tournaments including the GTHL’s Platinum Cup, Mississauga Rattlers tournament and the Whitby Silver Stick for AAA teams. In addition to that, 442 total league games are scheduled this week. *Posted October 12*

Week 7 (November 13-November 19): The GTHL’s inaugural Movember Moustache Cup “A” tournament highlights this weekend. Otherwise, a typical 431 total games scheduled as we inch closer to December. *Posted October 5th*

Week 6 (November 6th-November 12th): 457 total games scheduled in week 6, with around 100 teams competing in tournaments at some point this week. *Posted September 28th*

Week 5 (October 30th-November 5th): U14 and younger age groups get to go trick or treating on this Halloween Tuesday. Otherwise, status quo with 422 total games scheduled for week 5. *Posted September 21st*

Week 4 (October 23rd-October 29th): Teams settling in with 403 total games scheduled for week 4, with around 80 teams competing in tournaments this week. *Posted September 18th*

Week 3 (October 16th-October 22nd): Week 3 is highlighted by the return of Puck Drop Weekend, with a total of 72 games being played at Canlan York. In total, we have 488 games on the schedule this week. Around 70 teams competing in tournaments throughout this week. *Posted September 13th*

Week 2 (October 9th-October 15th): The A/AA groups join the fun and everybody is off to the races in the 2023-2024 season. 349 total games with about 45 teams away at tournaments throughout this week. *Posted September 7th*

Week 1 (October 2nd-October 8th): The first regular season games of the 2023-2024 season kick off as the AAA group hits the ice to begin a new year. 94 total games to get things started in week 1 of a brand new season.*Posted August 30th*

League News

Season Start Dates for 2023-24
The AAA program begins on October 2nd.  AA and A programs begin on October 10th.

Under 17 & 18 “A” and “AA” Seasonal Breaks
Please note the Under 17 and Under 18 “A” and “AA” programs are scheduled to have no games during the following periods:
January 22nd to January 31st
March 8th to March 18th
These breaks are part of our programming to encourage participation in these age groups.

Winter Break
This season the winter break will be from Dec. 24th to Jan. 1st

Tiering for divisions of 15 teams or larger
The GTHL will review the Tiering program for the 2023-2024 season.

Home Days Listed
Scroll down for the latest news on team home days. The chart is a good guide to managing practice days or letting players know which days could be generally open for other interests. Now a big thing to remember is that 80% of our game ice is on weekends. When you and another team find that you are playing a game on a day that is neither team’s home day then you realize the shift in ice scheduling when teams are out of the schedule because of tournament play.

Requesting Time Off, Exemption Use
Please note exemptions as always may be used for what teams feel is important. As always they are used for tournaments but they can be used to block-out dates teams need off such as fundraisers, school trips or religious holidays.
Is your team planning a fundraiser? They can use multiple days to build some time off to plan , enjoy and get some rest after a fundraiser.
Does your team need time off for a religious holiday? They can use it to take time off,
Is there a school trip involving many of the players? You can use an exemption to get that time off.
Each team can decide which three time periods in the season are most important and submit exemptions.

Altered Flood Schedule
Please note, an Altered Flood Schedule will be used in SOME arenas to ensure our game program can be completed within our allotted times.  This takes place when two games from Bantam to Midget are scheduled.
The first game will follow the regular flood schedule with floods before the start of the game and another in-between the second and third period. As soon as that game ends, the second game in the back to back will begin without a flood and play the first period. In-between the first and second period, the only flood of this game will take place and those teams will play the second and third period on the fresh ice.
If the first game did not have a flood due to a five goal spread then we revert to a regular flood schedule in Game #2.

Altered Flood Programs for 2023/24 season: TBD


Schedule Formats

The format for each group gets set once we have a finalized slate of teams in place. Early in the season the GTHL monitors the size of each group to determine the formats.

Age Category Regular Season Games Type
Under 10 AAA 33 Balanced
Under 11 AAA 33 Balanced
Under 12 AAA 33 Balanced
Under 13 AAA 36 Balanced
Under 14 AAA 33 Balanced
Under 15 AAA 36 Balanced
Under 16 AAA 36 Balanced
Under 18 AAA 36 Balanced
Age Category Regular Season Games Type
Under 10 AA – East 34 Conference
Under 10 AA – West 34 Conference
Under 11 AA – East 34 Conference
Under 11 AA – West 34 Conference
Under 12 AA – East 34 Conference
Under 12 AA – West 34 Conference
Under 13 AA – East 34 Conference
Under 13 AA – West 34 Conference
Under 14 AA – East 34 Conference
Under 14 AA – West 34 Conference
Under 15 AA – East 34 Conference
Under 15 AA – West 34 Conference
Under 16 AA – East 34 Conference
Under 16 AA – West 34 Conference
Under 17 AA – East 34 Conference
Under 17 AA – West 34 Conference
Under 18 AA 34 One Group
Age Category Regular Season Games Type
Under 10 A – East 34 Conference
Under 10 A – West 34 MHL Integrated
Under 11 A – East 34 Conference
Under 11 A – West 34 MHL Integrated
Under 12 A – East 34 Conference
Under 12 A – West 34 Conference
Under 13 A – East 34 Conference
Under 13 A – West 34 Conference
Under 14 A – East 34 Conference
Under 14 A – West 34 Conference
Under 15 A – East 34 Conference
Under 15 A – West 34 Conference
Under 16 A – East 34 Conference
Under 16 A – West 34 Conference
Under 17 A – East 34 Conference
Under 17 A – West 34 Conference
Under 18 A 34 One Group

2022-2023 Playoff Formats

Play-Off Formats will be posted once they been finalized.  The GTHL Board and a Member Advisory Council will review timelines to determine play-off formats.
Teams in Under 10 to Under 13 will follow a first round using a round robin format as per the Hockey Canada Pathways.

Click here for more information.



Club Home Days 2023-2024 Season
Home Days for clubs for the 2023-2024 season are available. This chart will be updated periodically as home dates are submitted by each club. Click here for Home Days 2023-24

Tournament/Exemption Form 
A tournament form is needed for every tournament you take part in. It acts as an insurance form; it also acts as an exemption form and most importantly if  your team is not in a tournament but needs to be exempted it serves this purpose as well. You can use this form for a non-tournament but please remember it would still count as 1 of 3 exemptions.

The Mulligan? 
Please note that some scheduling changes took place to some of the league schedules in the first three weeks of the schedule. This was related to each club being given one ‘mulligan’ on situations when a team failed to request a schedule exemption. The ‘mulligan’ is a GTHL rule that allows a club to get an exemption after the schedule is released. This year the use of the ‘mulligan’ at the start of the year is a little bit more than usual so please double-check your schedule.

Incorrect Scores
From time to time, a score will be reported incorrectly on the GTHL website. This may be due to an error on the game sheet which is electronically uploaded each day. If you spot an error in the final score, then please contact your club executive to touch base with our office. Corrections will not be made to individual player statistics.

Exhibition Games
All season long… Any time you play an exhibition game you must have your club GM or President submit your game particulars. Your GM needs to know the date, location, time, and opponent. The GTHL’s Central Registry can then be contacted to arrange officials at or 905-951-7946. If your team is traveling outside the GTHL boundaries, you must submit the 2023-2024 Exhibition Game Application.

Looking for Ice?

Check out Canlan Ice Sports-York for practice ice throughout the season.

Need extra practice ice? 
Check out Chesswood Arenas or Westwood Arenas for ice time throughout the season.

Looking for extra ice in Mississauga? 
The Mississauga Recreation & Parks Dept. has recently enhanced their “Connet2Rec Communication Channel” to allow visitors the opportunity to check ice time availability at any of the City’s 12 Arenas (20 rinks). To grab some extra ice for your team, please click here.

Arena Notes

Ford  Performance Centre Policy on Warming up Off-Ice
Please be aware that playing with pucks, balls, golf balls, balls of tape etc. is not allowed in the dressing rooms or anywhere around the perimeter of our rinks or lobby of the MasterCard Centre.  Failure to comply will result in ejection from the facility. Your co-operation and help with this would be appreciated and would assist in keeping our facility safe and clean.

City of Toronto Policy on Warming Up in the Arena
Please speak to your coaches, parents, officials etc. and let them know that hockey playing with pucks, balls, balls of tape etc. is not allowed in the dressing rooms or any where around the perimeter of our arenas. Any cooperation and help you can give us with this would be appreciated and would assist in keeping our arenas clean.

White Hockey Pucks
Coaches using White Hockey Pucks must collect all of them at the end of their practice.  Pucks left on the ice after a practice are difficult for rink staff to see and can (have) cause damage to a Zamboni.  Coaches should do a white puck count at the beginning and end of practices.