Year Winner
2022 Blair Robinson (North Toronto)
2022 Kevin Mercer (West Hill Minor Hockey Association)
2021 Terry Lynn Ray (West Mall Lightning)
2020 Fraser Deacon (Willowdale Hawks)
2019 Ross Harper (Toronto Red Wings)
2018 Jack Brooks (Mississauga Terriers)
2017 Tyler Cragg (Toronto Jr.Canadiens)
2016 Don and Shirley Bamford (Humberview Huskies)
2015 Barry Harte (City of Vaughan Hockey Association)
2014 Nick Manzo (Toronto Colts)
2013 Al Doria (Vaughan Kings)
2012 Gus Stathopulos (Don Mills Flyers)
2011 Neil Painchaud (Streetsville Tigers)
2010 Carmen Cummings (SYB)
2009 Neil Blanchard (Streetsville Tigers)
2008 John FitzPatrick (East Enders)
2007 Ernie Lopez (Toronto Eagles)
2006 Don Montgomery (President SHA)
2005 Marilynn Della Rosa (Goulding Park Hockey Association)
2004 Jim Nicoletti (Toronto Marlboros)
2003 Sylvia Jacobs (Markham Islanders)
2002 Gary & Sheila Punchard (Toronto Young Nationals)
2001 Mike Dixon (posthumosly Mississauga Rebels)
2000 Herb Ebisuzaki (GTHL Technical Director)
1999 Bob Law (posthumosly North York Canadiens)
1998 Peter MacInnis (Don Mills Flyers)
1997 Peter Johnson (Mississauga North Stars)
1996 Joe Schembri (Mississauga Terriers)
1995 Ken Cox (Faustina Sports Club)
1994 Jack Harper (Toronto Red Wings)
1993 Gord Murphy (Mississauga Braves)
1991 Ian Traill (Goulding Park)
1990 Dr. Thomas Pashby (Sports Safety)
1989 Vern Ward (Young Nationals)
1988 Anne & Garry O’toole (Toronto Aeros)
1987 Lloyd Stockley (Mississauga Jets)
1986 John Mckay (Ted Reeve)
1985 Brant Snow (Goulding Park)
1984 Joe Maire (Wexford Toronto H.C.)
1982 Raymond Heslop (J&R Hawks H.C)
1981 Bill Peeling (Mississauga H.L.)
1980 Bill Denny (Goulding Park H.A.)
1979 George W. Legge (Toronto Marlboros)
1978 Paul Sanders (N.Y. Hockey League)
1977 George Dufton (Don Mills Flyers H.C.)
1975 Donald Linthwaite (Wexford Toronto H.C)
1974 John Hospodar (Mississauga Reps)
1972 Harry Nash (Northern Etobicoke H.A.)
1971 Bill Treadway (Scarborough Central H.L.)
1970 Sam Shopsowitz (Sponsor)
1969 George L. Kitchen (Scarborough Central H.L.)
1967 David Grieve (Ted Reeve H.A.)
1966 Mrs. Carmen Bush Harper (Toronto Red Wings H.C.)
1964 Bob and Wally Huff
1963 R.J.W Warden (George Bell H.A.)
1962 Earl Robertson (Ted Reeve H.A.)
1961 Roy Turner (East York H.A.)
1960 Ken Gough (Toronto Ramblerrs)
1959 Carmen Bush (Columbus Boys Club)
1958 Jack Stafford Jr. (Humber Valley H.A.)
1957 A.A. “Al” Grossi (Little T.H.L.)
1956 R.J (Bert) Sharpe (Scarborough Lions H.L.)
1955 Jack Abel (Ted’s Pals H.C)
1954 George Barber (Corner Boys)
1953 Jim Brown (Boys Brigade)