How To: Shoot Better with Effective Weight Transfer

Whether you’re a novice hockey player or a seasoned veteran, learning how to transfer weight properly is a great way to improve your shot. A few simple hockey drills can help prepare you or your team to use weight transfer strategies in game situations. Using your leg muscles will lead to an explosive shot, so you can take advantage of every scoring opportunity.

Practice this three-step technique to master a great shot from in front of the net:

  1. Bend your knees slightly – your legs are your strongest muscles and this stance gives you the balance and mobility you want. Line your stick up with the puck to shoot.
  2. Load up the muscles in your leg opposite the puck. Get your whole body ready to propel the puck at the net.
  3. Use the “Nose to Toes” move:
    • Start with your head above your back leg where the muscles are coiled ready to push forward;
    • Draw the puck back like a catapult ready to spring, with your front foot pointed at the net; and finally
    • Use your leg muscles to push your whole body toward your target, sliding the puck forward as you go. 

Your wrist shot, backhand or slap shot should follow these techniques. The “Nose to Toes” move will give you the best balance and power in your shot. Practice this movement during drills with your team or on your road hockey net.

If you try this technique without bending your knees, you won’t have the power, mobility or balance needed to fire the puck so it gives the twine push you really want.

Transferring your weight properly makes the puck go faster, and make the goalie’s job that much harder.

Practicing this weight transfer technique on dry land is a good way to get you used to the motion. The explosiveness of your shot will improve, so be sure you put a net in front of the garage door – otherwise things could get expensive. When you’re ready to take the move to the ice, be prepared – your team will be asking you for tips to improve their shot too.

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