Return to Hockey: COVID-19 Updates



Game Plan 2.0: Return to Play Framework

In alignment with Hockey Canada’s Safety Guidelines and the Ontario government’s Guidance for facilities for sports and recreational fitness activities during COVID-19, the Game Plan 2.0 framework was formulated with the expert advice of medical and public health professionals at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto as well as Toronto Public Health. The framework has worked to get GTHL players back on the ice in a safe, fun, and secure environment while minimizing the risk of infection. The Game Plan 2.0 is a fluid and living document that will require revisions throughout the 2021-22 season.

Click here to view the Game Plan 2.0 Framework


Latest News

COVID-19 Forms




COVID-19 Specific Questions

(Added December 16, 2021) Q-Where can I find my local facility’s COVID-19 policies?
A →
Each facility will have their own safety measures in place, in addition to the province of Ontario’s policies and restrictions. Please click here to review before heading to the rink to ensure participants follow proper protocol. Not all arenas have their protocols listed on their website. The GTHL encourages all participants and members to call a local facility if protocols cannot be found.

(Added December 9, 2021) Q-What are the rules and restrictions if my family and I go away on holiday/vacation during the winter break?
A → The Government of Canada’s travel restrictions can be found here.
The GTHL strongly encourages all looking to go away to review and understand the policies in place.

(Added September 9, 2021) Q-How do I apply for a COVID-19 vaccine exemption?
A → 
The GTHL’s Accommodation Request forms (Medical Accommodation form and Creed/Religion Accommodation form) can be found here.

(Added September 2, 2020) Q-What protocols can I expect at the rink and what may I need to do differently?
A →
Each facility is unique so you can expect different protocols at each location.  All protocols mandated by Public Health Guidelines including the need to social distance and the requirement to wear a mask will be followed.

Safety Rep (Team/Organization) 

(Added September 2, 2020) Q- What’s a Team Safety Rep?
A → The Team Safety Rep is there to support the Team Officials, Players and families in complying with the GTHL Game Plan protocols.

(Added September 20, 2021) Q- What are the requirements to become a Safety Rep (Team and/or Organization)?
A → All Team Safety Reps and Organization Safety Reps are required to complete the Hockey University: Planning a Safe Return to Hockey course found here:

(Added September 28, 2021) Q- I am trying to register for the Hockey University: Planning a Safe Return to Hockey, but I cannot find myself and only see my child to register with?
A → If a safety rep cannot find themselves as a participant to register for the course, they will need to contact their association and the association will need to add the individual as a member by clicking “Add Member” on the members tab. This will generate an HCR number for them and they would now be able to register for the course.

(Added September 2, 2020)  Q- Does every Team need a Safety Rep?
A →Yes.

(Added September 2, 2020) Q- Do I need to be a registered bench staff to be a Team Safety Rep?
A→No, but you need to be registered as an Off-Ice Volunteer.

(Added September 2, 2020) Q- Who is eligible to be a Team Safety Rep?
A→The Team Safety Rep will be appointed by the Association and Team. There are no prerequisites to fill this position as long as the individual completes the necessary training.

Coaching and Bench Staff 

(August 25, 2021)  Q- What qualifications do I need to coach for the 2021-22 season?
Please visit the Bench Staff Requirements for 2021-22 page for more information.

(Added August 26, 2020) Q- Can I coach in an unsanctioned League as well as the GTHL?
A→ No. Coaches who are registered to a bench may not coach in an unsanctioned League.

(Added June 30, 2020) Q- Can I go out on the ice with my players if I’m a Licensed Hockey Canada Skills Instructor?
A→ Yes. This would give you insurance under Hockey Canada.


(Added May 7, 2020) Q – Considering the financial strain placed on families by the loss of income and deferred payments, has the GTHL considered ways to make competitive hockey more affordable for the 20-21 season?
A  The GTHL has formed a working group comprised of Board, Club and staff representatives. This group will be looking at best practices that could be implemented to assist in lowering the expense to parents and families


Arena Protocols

Bench Staff Requirements 2021-2022

The GTHL will be following Hockey Canada and Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF) requirements for coaches entering the 2021-22 season. The league will operate all portions of our clinics virtually and coaches will receive full credit for participation in virtual training. There will be no requirement to attend in person and virtual clinics will be operated until the league can operate in-class and on-ice portions for large groups.

The outlined requirements will be for all coaches (house league, select, A, AA, & AAA) who wish to be rostered to a team. Previously trained coaches may have attained many of the requirements.

  • Head Coaches taking a clinic for the first time will not be required to have a certified status.
  • All Head Coaches who require a Development 1 – Certified status but do not have one, can be approved to a roster and considered “in-progress” if they have submitted the 3 certification steps for an in-season evaluation. For information click HERE.
  • Coaches with an expiring or expired certified status are required to participate in professional development to maintain their certified status. For more information on certification maintenance click HERE.
  • A Head Coach can be conditionally approved if they are enrolled in a GTHL Development 1 clinic or a Development 1 clinic within the Ontario Hockey Federation before December 31st.
  • Trainer Level 2 will not be a requirement.

Please visit the Bench Staff Requirements 2021-22 page for more information.