Drill of the Month: January 2024

DRILL OF THE MONTH: U7, U9, U11, & U13 Deception Sequences

Age Groups 

  • Under-7, U9, U11, U13 

Skill Description – U7, U9 Progression 

  • Players line-up on the goal line, with a pylon at the top of the faceoff circle.  
  • First player in line skates up to the pylon and performs a basic deception move. 
  • For the younger age groups, the focus is on faking going one direction, and then quickly going the other way.
  • Player will return to line afterwards. 

Skill Description – U11, U13 Progression 

  • Players at these age groups can start with the iteration of the drill listed above.  
  • After a few reps, add a puck for the older players. 

Key Teaching Points 

  • At the younger age groups, introducing deceptive skating 
  • Selling the fake by using head, shoulders and stick. 
  • Using stick to sell the puck going in a different direction. 
  • Doing the deception moves at game speed. 

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