GTHL outlines Participant Fee and Player Registration Fee for 2024-2025 season

The Greater Toronto Hockey League announced today the Participant Fee and Player Registration Fee (PRF) for the 2024-2025 season.


The Participant Fee is applied to all participants (Team Officials, Players, On-Ice Officials, and On-Ice Volunteers) and will remain $48.59. From the Participant Fee, Hockey Canada will continue to collect a $3.00 Assessment Fee. For the 2024-2025 season, the Ontario Hockey Federation will collect $4.45 per participant for Assessment Fees. The decrease of $2.00 per participant is due to a change in collection of Coach Mentorship ($0.50) and Risk Management Funds ($1.50). The OHF previously collected these fees (a total of $2.00) in trust for the Members, however, beginning in the 2024-2025 season, the Members will be collecting these funds.

The Member collection of the $2.00 for Coach Mentorship and Risk Management Funds results in the GTHL Participant Assessment Fee of $12.50. This fee is included in the total Participant Fee of $48.59.

CHART 1: PER PARTICIPANT FEE – Applied to All Participants (Team Officials [coaches, managers, trainers, etc.], On-Ice Officials [referees], and Players from House League, Select, ‘A,’ ‘AA,’ ‘AAA’) 

Participant Fee: $48.59 – $12.50 is retained by the GTHL

Per Participant Fee Chart - 2024-25


Participant Fee Graph - 2024-25 Season


Hockey Canada Insurance Fees - 2024-25 Season

2024-2025 PLAYER REGISTRATION FEE – ‘A,’ ‘AA,’ and ‘AAA’ Players Only

All age categories for ‘A’ and ‘AA’ will feature a 34-game schedule for $950.00 in the 2024-2025 season.

Under-13, U15, U16, and U18 ‘AAA’ levels will play a 36-game schedule for $1,055.00.

Under-10, U11, U12, and U14 ‘AAA’ age categories will feature a 33-game schedule for $950.00.

The increase in the Player Registration Fee is a result of an increase in ice costs (which are impacted by inflation, property tax increases, and the Canada Carbon Tax), the upcoming increase in the minimum wage and other inflationary expenses, as well as $10.00 per Player Registration Fee to offset the increased expenses connected to Safe Sport Initiatives.

Each approved Team Official that is either a parent or a legal guardian of a rostered child on the same team will be eligible for a $100 rebate of the Player Registration Fee. The application process for the rebate is to be announced. The rebate is maximum one per family, with the lone exception being two parents from the same family as approved Team Officials on separate rosters, each with a child  rostered.

To continue to provide additional information and transparency around how money is spent by the GTHL, the League has included a detailed overview.


How much money is collected by the GTHL directly from families and through each Team/Club:

Budgeted Revenue - 2024-2025 Season


An outline of where the money is spent. Note: 76 per cent goes to the cost of ice.

Budgeted Expenses - 2024-2025 Season


Q: I thought the Hockey Canada Insurance/Assessment was only for participant insurance. What is Directors and Officers Liability Insurance? 

A: Hockey Canada Insurance covers Medical, Dental, Accidental Death and Dismemberment in addition to Operations Assessment, Administration, General Liability, and Directors and Officers Liability. This coverage is in place should a Director and/or Officer of Hockey Canada, The Ontario Hockey Federation, Greater Toronto Hockey League and/or the local minor hockey association be named in a action related to their role in the capacity with the organization.


Q: What is the Operations Assessment? 

A: The $3.00 Assessment/Registration fee is paid to the Operations Fund and is used to cover Development programs, National Championships, National Team expenses, and general overhead costs. Please note that this fee was not charged for the 2021-22 season and was reduced to $1.50 the previous year in 2020-21.

Q: How much is the “Player Registration Fee”? 

A: The Player Registration Fee varies depending on the player and the number of games to be played.

Q: What are “Safe Sport initiatives”?

A: Safe Sport initiatives strive to make the game safe and welcoming for all participants. These initiatives include education programs, complaint intake, investigation, and adjudication. This fee is also included in the total Participant Fee of $48.59.

Q: Does any of the “Player Registration Fee” go to Hockey Canada?  

A: No. The Player Registration Fee pays for operating ‘A,’ ‘AA,’ and ‘AAA’ games, most of which is the cost of ice.

Q: Does the GTHL pay funds directly to Hockey Canada? If yes, what are these funds?

A: The GTHL does not pay funds directly to Hockey Canada, but the Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF) does and the GTHL is a member of the OHF. The GTHL collects a total of $48.59 per participant from the Player Registration Fee. The GTHL keeps a portion of the total ($12.50), with the remainder going to the OHF. A total of $28.64 per participant is paid to Hockey Canada from the OHF to cover Insurance and Assessment.

Q: What is the difference between the “Player Registration Fee” and the “Team Fee”?

A: The League collects fees in two different ways. Families pay a fee directly to the GTHL (known as the Player Registration Fee) to pay for the game ice used by players. The League also requires a fee for each competitive team to participate in the GTHL (known as the Team Entry Fee), which is collected by the Club. This is similar to what a Team Entry Fee would be to play in a tournament, for example. The GTHL Team Entry Fee is $2000 per team, which would equate to $125 per player on a team of 16 players.

Q: Do all participants pay the same fees?

A: All participants (house league players, competitive [‘A,’ ‘AA,’ and ‘AAA’] players, coaches, officials, managers, and trainers) pay the Insurance and Assessment Fee ($48.59 per participant). Competitive (‘A,’ ‘AA,’ and ‘AAA’) players pay the Insurance and Assessment Fee ($48.59 per participant) in addition to the Player Registration Fee (outlined above). The Player Registration Fee is paid directly to the GTHL, while the Insurance/Assessment Fee is collected by the organization the participant is registered with and paid to the GTHL.

Q: For ‘A,’ ‘AA,’ and ‘AAA’ players, does insurance get paid? How are any of the insurance fees collected and paid? 

A: All competitive (‘A,’ ‘AA,’ and ‘AAA’) players insurance is collected by their organization. The  GTHL collects those fees from the Club and pays the OHF for the fees owing to the OHF and Hockey Canada.


Founded in 1911, the GTHL is a non-profit organization and the largest minor hockey league in the world. The GTHL registers more than 40,000 annual participants in Markham, Mississauga, Toronto and Vaughan. The purpose of the GTHL is to govern organized hockey for youth within its jurisdiction, and to foster participation that reflects the cultural demographic of the League’s territory while promoting an environment that is welcoming and inclusive for all participants.

For more information, please contact:

Stephanie Coratti
Senior Manager, Communications and Marketing 
Greater Toronto Hockey League 

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