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Rosters Announced For Midget “A” and “AA” All-Star Games

The Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL) has announced details surrounding the 18th annual Midget “A” and “AA” All-Star Games as part of Midget All-Star Festival.  The games will showcase the top players from the Midget “A” and “AA” divisions. Players from the Midget “A” division will take to the ice on February 4, 2019, while the Midget “AA” group will play on February 5, 2019. Both showcases will see a 7:30 p.m. puck drop at Scotiabank Pond.

Players participating in both games were selected by their coaches. All seven Midget “A” and all Midget “AA” teams are represented on the rosters. Both games are free of charge.

Midget A Roster

Goaltenders Goaltenders
1 Giulius Ruffa Vaughan Rangers 1 Tai Mark Avalanche
30 Scott Campbell Goulding Park Rangers 30 Noah Ronchin Vaughan Panthers
31 Dylan MacDonald Markham Islanders  31  Tyler Whiteford Toronto Aeros
Defense Defense
2 Justin Filice Vaughan Rangers 2 Adam Rotstein Toronto Aeros
3 Matteo Di Marco Vaughan Rangers 3 Ethan Rotstein Toronto Aeros
4 Jaden Hopkinson Vaughan Rangers 4 Vincenzo Arena Vaughan Panthers
5 Zachary Orat Markham Islanders 5 Kristian Bell West Mall Lightning
6 Jackson Kerr Goulding Park Rangers 6 Ryan Kuhar West Mall Lightning
7 Matthew Tenai Goulding Park Rangers 7 Dalton Grace Avalanche
Forwards Forwards
8 Jared Rain Vaughan Rangers 8 Jake Sversky Toronto Aeros
9 Thomas Pocrnic Vaughan Rangers 9 Eric Kerbel Toronto Aeros
10 Daniel Romeo Vaughan Rangers 10 Kyle Cass Toronto Aeros
11 Luca Sorbara Vaughan Rangers 11 Ryan Morrow Toronto Aeros
12 Sam Sasaki Markham Islanders 12 Dante Foresto Vaughan Panthers
14 Nicholas Chiappetta Markham Islanders 14 Lucas Chua Vaughan Panthers
15 Trevor Randorf Markham Islanders 15 Ethan Kirou Vaughan Panthers
16 Cole Sziraky Markham Islanders 16 Bryan Dowling Vaughan Panthers
17 Tyler Anderson Markham Islanders 17 Michael Linardi Vaughan Panthers
18 Dylan Katz Goulding Park Rangers  18 Jackson Mcgrade West Mall Lightning
19 Sean Elder Goulding Park Rangers  19 Mitchell Paterson West Mall Lightning
20 Cameron Macleod Goulding Park Rangers  20 Jahiem Mclean Grant Avalanche
Coaching Staff Coaching Staff
Coach Mark Romeo Vaughan Rangers  Coach Daniel Cavalcante Toronto Aeros
Coach Owen Smith Goulding Park Rangers Coach Steve Kirou Vaughan Panthers
Trainer Paul McQuillan Vaughan Rangers Coach Gary Landry Avalanche
Trainer Domenic Petrella Toronto Aeros

Midget AA Roster

Goaltenders Goaltenders
1 Nick Snow North York Knights 1 Cameron Hansen Toronto Aces
30 Ross Furgiuele Mississauga Jets 30 Cole Defazio Humber Valley Sharks
31 Matthew Morelli Avalanche  31 Katie Hinton Streetsville Tigers
Defense Defense
2 Vinny Lexovsky North York Knights 2 Greyson Silva Addo Toronto Aces
3 Connor Rotter North York Knights 3 Sam Ernszt Toronto Aces
4 Riley Hummel-Kusins North York Knights 4 Cam Wakefield Humber Valley Sharks
5 Tommy Fenney Mississauga Jets 5 Tyler Wilson Streetsville Tigers
6 Michael Passler Avalanche 6 Martin Gaal Streetsville Tigers
7 Andrew Bader Avalanche 7 Stephen Mosgopoulos Hillcrest Canadiens
Forwards Forwards
8 Nick Duguid North York Knights 8 Carter Begley Humber Valley Sharks
9 Justin Avsenik North York Knights 9 David Kozak Humber Valley Sharks
10 Joe Cane North York Knights 10 Chris Rapos Toronto Aces
11 Ethan Chong North York Knights 11 William Zavaros-Bairos Toronto Aces
12 Kyren De Sousa Mississauga Jets 12 Tanner Sanford Toronto Aces
14 Ethan Haley Mississauga Jets 14 Nicholas Neilsen Toronto Aces
15 Niko Mouratidis Mississauga Jets 15 Evan Tondera Humber Valley Sharks
16 Josef Maly* Mississauga Jets 16 Matthias Lecanda Streetsville Tigers
17 Adam Marini Avalanche 17 Nicholas Borg Streetsville Tigers
18 Thomas Kostyk Avalanche  18 Patrick Israels Streetsville Tigers
19 Peter Bello Avalanche  19 Fedor Beloborodov Hillcrest Canadiens
20 Stefan Cancian Avalanche  20 Steven Hooke Hillcrest Canadiens
21 Martin Lococo Jr. Mississauga Jets
Coaching Staff Coaching Staff
Coach Rob Van Onlangs North York Knights Coach Shane Bowler Toronto Aces
Coach Martin Lococo Mississauga Jets Coach Bill Constantinou Hillcrest Canadiens
Trainer Rob Gallant North York Knights Coach William Begley Humber Valley Sharks
Trainer Frank Minoia Toronto Aces


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