Rosters Announced For Midget “A” and “AA” All-Star Games

The Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL) has announced details surrounding the 19h annual Midget “A” and “AA” All-Star Games as part of Midget All-Star Festival.  The games will showcase the top players from the Midget “A” and “AA” divisions at Scotiabank Pond on Saturday, January 11. Players from the Midget “AA” division will take to the ice at 1pm, followed by the Midget “A” group at 4pm. The games are part of weekend-long festivities at Scotiabank Pond as part of the I Play In The G Festival.

Players participating in both games were selected by their coaches. All seven Midget “A” and all Midget “AA” teams are represented on the rosters. Both games are free of charge.

Midget AA All-Star Rosters

1 G Michele Loschiavo Humber Valley Sharks
30 G Christian Forgione Vaughan Panthers
31 G Justin Andress North York Knights
2 D Gregory Antoniuk Humber Valley Sharks
3 D Jacob Caravaggio Mississauga Terriers
4 D Stephen Zanette Vaughan Panthers
5 D Christopher Lattimore Mississauga North Stars
6 D Leonardo Scimemi Hillcrest Canadiens
7 D Joseph Quatrale Humberview Huskies
8 F Russell Derksen Humber Valley Sharks
9 F Aidan Cross Mississauga Terriers
10 F Kudhrit Gill Mississauga Terriers
11 F Emilio Algieri Vaughan Panthers
12 F Matthew Loeffler Mississauga North Stars
14 F Callum Morren Mississauga North Stars
15 F Alex Snow North Toronto
16 F Samuel Sullivan Leaside Flames
17 F Austen Lougheed Leaside Flames
18 F Adriano Dominelli Hillcrest Canadiens
19 F Marcus Paluzzi Humberview Huskies
20 F Caden Mills North York Knights
Head Coach David Williams Humber Valley Sharks
Assistant Coach Anthony Minicucci  Vaughan Panthers
Assistant Coach Tyler Turcotte  Leaside Flames
Assistant Coach Jeff Bacon North Toronto
Trainer Scott Peters Humber Valley Sharks

1 G Patrick Crowley Mississauga Terriers
30 G Jake Link Mississauga North Stars
31 G Matt Bryan Leaside Flames
2 D Ryder Steele Humber Valley Sharks
3 D Andrew Hrinco Mississauga Terriers
4 D Luca Giorgio Vaughan Panthers
5 D Jonathan Lush North Toronto
6 D Aidan Wilson North York Knights
7 D John Stephen-Conlan Toronto Aeros
8 F Nathan Okura Humber Valley Sharks
9 F Malcolm Jaques Humber Valley Sharks
10 F Nathan Galati Mississauga Terriers
11 F Jordan Palmieri Vaughan Panthers
12 F Michael McCullough Vaughan Panthers
14 F Anthony Cecchin Mississauga North Stars
15 F Adam Hargarten North Toronto
16 F Corey Strawbridge North Toronto
17 F Sean Crane Leaside Flames
18 F Brayden Vitor Hillcrest Canadiens
19 F Benjamin Smeeton North York Knights
20 F Isaac Smith Toronto Aeros
Head Coach Mike Yacynuk Mississauga North Stars
Assistant Coach Mark Hrinco Mississauga Terriers
Assistant Coach Kevin Berube North York Knights
Assistant Coach Allan Rourke Hillcrest Canadiens
Trainer Dave MacLachlan Mississauga North Stars


Midget A Rosters

1 G Aidan Taylor Humberview Huskies
30 G Michael Orrico Toronto Eagles
31 G Jude Rondina Leaside Flames
2 D Will Price Scarborough Ice Raiders
3 D Peter-Anthony Quaglietta Vaughan Rangers
4 D Sam Maltz York Mills
5 D Noah Mariano Greater Toronto Capitals
6 D Alessio Cappadocia Vaughan Panthers
7 D Jackson Barcelos Toronto Shamrocks
8 F Jack Saha Humberview Huskies
9 F Joshua Liscio Scarborough Ice Raiders
10 F Eugene Spanier Toronto Eagles
11 F Adriano Santilli Vaughan Rangers
12 F Chase Chypyha Forest Hill Force
14 F Lucas Tota-Madden Forest Hill Force
15 F Graydon Newell York Mills Rangers
16 F Jonah Schwab Humber Valley Sharks
17 F Max Edwards Leaside Flames
18 F Jason Granitto Greater Toronto Capitals
19 F Artur Li Vaughan Panthers
20 F Jonathan Morin Toronto Shamrocks
Head Coach James Robert Smith Humberview Huskies
Assistant Coach Michael Clarke Scarborough Ice Raiders
Assistant Coach Josh McNair Forest Hill Force
Assistant Coach  Todd Yates Humber Valley Sharks
Trainer Sandipan Saha Humberview Huskies

1 G Andreas Halanen Scarborough Ice Raiders
30 G Willam Vance Vaughan Rangers
31 G Will Salnek Hillcrest Canadiens
2 D John Balawejer Humberview Huskies
3 D Ethan Facchin Toronto Eagles
4 D Tanner Manett Forest Hill Force
5 D Sebastian Guglietti Humber Valley Sharks
6 D David Pietrangelo Duffield Devils
7 D Adam Cormier Toronto Aeros
8 F James Ryan Smith Humberview Huskies
9 F Stefano Allora-Abbondi Scarborough Ice Raiders
10 F Nolan Pitt Toronto Eagles
11 F Panos Tsementzis Vaughan Rangers
12 F Daniel Pollock Forest Hill Force
14 F Jake Buck York Mills Rangers
15 F Adam Siddiq Humber Valley Sharks
16 F Kegan Daniel Hillcrest Canadiens
17 F Aaron Myers North Toronto
18 F Alexander Catenacci Duffield Devils
19 F Mathieu Legace-O’Connor Toronto Aeros
20 F Levi Kalvin North Toronto
Head Coach Daniele Santilli  Vaughan Rangers
Assistant Coach Silvio Cipollone Toronto Eagles
Assistant Coach James Buck York Mills
Assistant Coach Michael Yates Leaside Flames
Trainer Frank Chimenti Vaughan Rangers
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