The pros of esports: NHL 24 and playing hockey 

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The latest edition of the NHL video game franchise released on October 6 on PlayStation and Xbox consoles. While many play the NHL video games for fun, competition, or the social aspect, did you know that NHL 24 can help you improve your game on the ice too?  

Learning the rules of hockey 

For new hockey fans and players, NHL 24 is a great way to begin learning the many rules and regulations of hockey – from offsides and icings, to all the different penalties possible in a game. Playing the NHL video game is a great way for kids to remember the rules of hockey for when they are on the ice in a game.  

Developing your creativity with the puck 

In NHL 24, some of the more notable dekes and signature moves are in the game. Moves like the Michigan, Connor Bedard’s patented toe-drag release, and the Forsberg one-hand tuck are all available to be used in-game.  

NHL 24 is a great place to practice dekes and figure out things like the timing of when to perform these dekes and what situations and scenarios warrant a deke versus making the safe play.  

Teamwork makes the dream work! 

The EA Sports Hockey League (EASHL) allows players to create a club with their friends and compete online against other clubs from around the world.  

Online gaming with friends is a great way for young athletes to improve their communication and teamwork skills with their peers. While each player controls their own individual character, a team’s ability to move the puck efficiently and effectively is key to creating scoring chances and winning games.  

Hockey Strategies 

NHL 24 has a wide array of strategies that NHL teams use for all sorts of situations – from offensive zone forecheck to breakout strategies, to even formations for the powerplay and penalty kill! When playing NHL 24, setting or changing your team’s strategies can help you pull out a victory online, but did you know that many of these strategies can and are used in a game in real life? Watching your video game players perform a 1-2-2 forecheck can aid players in implementing this forecheck when they are on the ice, too.  

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