Employment Opportunities

On-Ice Officials (Referees)

Looking to get involved in the game of hockey with flexible hours? Review the On-Ice Officials position below.

To apply, please submit a brief resume to Peter Kourtis at Previous hockey experience is required. 


The GTHL will be providing a fast-tracked approach for new On-Ice Officials to the Competitive stream (A, AA & AAA), which will include covering the cost of certification and registration, and will provide their first jersey. New On-Ice Officials will be required to complete a Vulnerable Sectors Screening to be eligible to participate in this initiative. New On-Ice Officials will be eligible to participate in GTHL Competitive League games, and GTHL club hosted Tournaments in the Competitive stream (A, AA & AAA). 


  • Maintain a professional demeanour while representing the GTHL as an On-Ice Official
  • Manage your on and off ice schedule to ensure minimal scheduling conflicts
  • Prioritize the safety of players, bench staff, and other participants while managing each game. 


  • Requires prior hockey experience as a player or coach
  • Proficient skating ability
  • Good understanding of Hockey rules
  • A willingness to develop officiating knowledge and skills
  • Positive communication skills, and the ability to work in a team capacity

To apply and for any additional information, please contact Peter Kourtis at 



Instructor/Specialized Instruction/Facilitator – Coach Development


The Greater Toronto Hockey League provides educational programs in accordance with Hockey Canada’s requirements for all levels of coaching. The GTHL would like to provide opportunities for experienced coaches to get involved in the educating and mentoring of those new to the game by being a part of our Facilitator Program. 

Position Title: 

Instructor/Specialized Instruction/Facilitator – Coach Development 

Position Type: Occasional – Hourly pay 
Starting Date: To be determined after training 
Application Deadline: April 15, 2023 
Reports to: Manager, Development and Community Outreach  

League Description                                                                                                        
Founded in 1911, the GTHL is a non-profit organization and the largest minor hockey league in the world. The GTHL registers more than 40,000 annual participants in Markham, Mississauga, Toronto, and Vaughan. The purpose of the GTHL is to govern organized hockey for youth within its jurisdiction, and to foster participation that reflects the cultural demographic of the League’s territory while promoting an environment that is welcoming and inclusive for all participants.  


Reporting to the Manager, Development and Community Outreach, a GTHL instructor is responsible for providing instruction and leadership in the area of Hockey Canada’s Coach Development programs, as well as being an important part of assisting the GTHL in the development and evaluation of coaches. Additionally, an instructor may also be asked to be a GTHL representative at various events. 

Duties & Responsibilities: 

  • Instruct GTHL Coach Development courses using Hockey Canada materials
    to large and small groups of coaches utilizing both computer and audio/visual
  • Deliver lectures and presentations of GTHL and Hockey Canada programs 
  • Conduct evaluations of post-clinic assignments and conduct on-ice evaluations  
  • Provide assistance to GTHL Manager, Development and Community Outreach 
  • Assist in the development of GTHL produced coach development instructional
    manuals and video presentations 
  • Attend meetings as required 
  • Promote and advocate Coaching Development Programs and Events 
  • Produce reports when required 
  • Assist in developing new programs and initiatives for the benefit of the Greater Toronto Hockey League and its Membership 
  • Assist in scouting and selection input for GTHL special events when required 
  • Assist the GTHL in representation when necessary at Hockey Canada, OHF, or GTHL Meetings/events

Qualifications and Experience: 

  • Extensive experience and knowledge in specific areas of hockey: i.e. Skating, Skills, Offense, Defense etc 
  • Minimum 5 years coaching experience at the Development 1/High Performance level 
  • Exceptional customer service skills 
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office; Word, PowerPoint, Excel 
  • Knowledge of the Greater Toronto Hockey League including GTHL rules, regulations, policies, programs 
  • Knowledge of Hockey Canada Coaching Development Programs 
  • Previous facilitating experience and/or previous teaching considered an asset 
  • Experience working within a sports organization, especially hockey, would be considered an asset 
  • Ability to work in a team environment and lead a crew of volunteers and paid instructor staff 


  • Teaching experience is an asset 
  • Experience with the use of audio-visual equipment 
  • Use of a vehicle 

Resume and inquiries can be emailed to or faxed to (416) 636-2035.   

We wish to thank all individuals for their interest. Only those candidates receiving an interview will be contacted. 





  • Attend a timekeeper certification clinic.
  • Arrive 30 minutes before game time and at the timekeepers’ area five minutes prior to warm-up.
  • Report to Rink Attendant.
  • Never to leave the timekeepers’ area unattended during a game.


  • Operate GTHL game clocks and GTHL game sheet computer applications.
  • Ensure the jersey number of the player who scores and/or receives a penalty is correctly listed on the game sheet (via iPad).
  • Accurately record goals, assists, and penalties as reported by the on-ice officials.
  •  Keep the time served by each penalized player during the game.
  • Record the start and finish time of each game and all actual playing time during the game.
  • Provide additional support as requested by the Rink Attendant.

To apply and for any additional information, please contact Patty Micolino at

Rink Attendants


  • Participate in required GTHL training sessions.
  • Become familiar with GTHL rules, regulations, policies, and programs.
  • The Rink Attendant is to be visible inside the rink and not work out of the front rink office.
  • Arrive at the rink 75 minutes prior to game time and set up dressing room assignments. Rink Attendants can leave after the last game has ended.


  • Collect game sheet fees from teams to pay officials and timekeeper.
  • Contact Central Registry for late arriving timekeepers or game officials and follow GTHL process.
  • Report any changes and/or cancellations to arena staff.
  • Coordinate flood schedule with arena staff. Be aware of altered flood schedule. Communicate with arena staff to make changes if teams are running behind.
  • Handle GTHL computer hardware for the processing of information.
  • Observe and report any inappropriate behaviour, safety issues, and arena cleanliness issues via email to GTHL General Manager, and report on rink statement issues section.
  • Maintain records. All game sheets are electronic and Rink Attendants are responsible to download the document on the iPad. At the end of the shift, Rink Attendants are to upload the game sheets to the GTHL Portal.

To apply, please submit a brief resume to Patty Micolino at No prior experience is required.

Bench Staff & Volunteers Wanted