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The GTHL works with Hockey Trainers Ontario (HTO) to provide trainer certification and re-certification to coaches. The HTO holds courses for certification at Levels 1, 2 and 3. Trainers play an important role in ensuring players are prepared for participation and in tending to injuries when they occur.

For the 2022-23 season, each Team must have a Trainer possessing a valid HTCP certification as follows:

HTCP Level 1 for any “A” Team and “AA” and “AAA” Teams from U10 to U12

HTCP Level 2 for all “AAA” Teams from U13 to U18

HTCP Level 2 for all “A” and “AA” Teams from U13 to U21

A trainer in the GTHL you must complete all of the following:

The Hockey Trainers Certification Program has three levels each valid for 3 years:

  • Level 1: Minimum certification required for all GTHL coaches.
  • Level 2: Can be granted by the league to individuals who have a current Level 1 and current Standard or Advanced First Aid (not Emergency first aid) card with CPR Level C  (*AED training is strongly recommended card) from an Ontario WSIB recognized FADO (First Aid Delivery Organization- CLICK HERE for a list of providers) or to any professional under the following titles: – Registered Nurse – Occupational Health Nurses – Chiropractors – Physicians – Basic Trauma Life Support (B.T.L.S.) – EMCA certified – CATA/NATA – Military Medics (valid for 2 years from end of service data) (Qualifications must be licensed in Canada) – Physiotherapist – Dentist – Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT) – Podiatrist  medical professionals and emergency services employees.

*To upgrade your existing Level 1 to a Level 2, please forward a copy of your Standard First Aid certificate or professional affiliation to

  • Level 3: Advanced program, providing the participant the opportunity to enhance their skill and knowledge level. Must be a current certified Level 2 trainer to be eligible. Click HERE to see Level 3 dates

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Hockey Trainers Ontario

There are a number of important resources available outside of coursework. Use the links below to access important information and documents that will help you make the game safer for all involved.